The final classwork reflection

It’s finally here.  We’ve come to the end of the second semester and all that’s left to complete before graduation is our capstone project.

As part of the tidy up of my blog I’ve been reviewing my posts from the first to the most recent.  It’s so strange to see how far I’ve come along since starting this class, and in fact since starting the entire MLIS course.

Back in October I was taking my first tentative steps towards carving out a new career for myself.  Armed with plenty of workplace experience, I had no idea that the months ahead would be so challenging, or so enjoyable.  I had of course hoped that both these things would be true, but you never really know until you start.

When I started the MLIS I had the usual office skills – a full European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), good customer service  ethos, several degrees and diplomas.   They stood me in good stead in financial services and I can see them being even more useful in an information services environment.  However, I think the skills I have acquired on this course have been incredible.   Over the college year I have worked with multiple open-source software packages – Omeka, Weebly, WordPress, Audacity.  I’ve used discussion platforms such as Piazza.   It has really opened my eyes to the resources which are on the web.

I have been very fortunate too to have worked with some incredible people during this year, both lecturers and students and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all.  I hope that the connections made now will strengthen as we all move further into our information careers.

Of course, a good proportion of my development this year has come in part from this blog.  Reflective writing is an excellent way to crystallise ideas, but the development of an e-portfolio and the opportunity (and encouragement) to meet librarians and information professionals from all fields has been really invigorating.   When I look back over the term, I can really appreciate everything that we have learned.   I like that I have a collection of all my work in one place.  It makes it easy not only to show family and friends what library school is all about, but also to show potential employers, so that they will have some sense of how I work and the skills I have.   Meanwhile it’s a great way of reminding myself of how much I can do and all the possibilities that lie before me.    I will keep blogging, so please keep reading…


About Caroline

Librarian. Bibliophile. Information seeker and sharer. “Life would be unbearably dull if we had answers to all our questions.” ― Jim Butcher, Death Masks
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