Teamwork is one of those skills that seems to crop up very frequently in job applications, so this page is all about my team experiences.    Both in my professional and in my college life, I have been involved on or with teams.  In my former work-life, I have managed a team as well being a member of various teams, not only projects, but the social committees too.  I’ve also worked alone or as direct project support for management, moving from one role to another as business needs dictated.  In college this year I’ve been involved on a series of group projects, with a variety of fellow students.

Photo: Winner alright!  First place for the team in the Business Houses League.

Outside of the work world, I run a book-club which I set up at the end of 2009, scheduling lunch meetings and sending out communication mails.  I don’t pick the books though.  We rotate each month so everyone gets a month where they choose.   I also  coordinate meetings for a second club  (I like to read – a lot!).

I’ve captained a bowling team for several years, playing in a league that runs from September to April.    I can’t claim it’s due to my bowling skills unfortunately.  I’ve been informed it’s because I’m an excellent organiser and can whip up rotas, juggle schedules and make sure the weekly reminders get out to the team.  I’m also good at coordinating the celebratory dinner!

I’m a member of the Kilmacud Musical Society and have taken part in a number of variety shows.  I also played Yente in last year’s production of Fiddler on the Roof, for which we won the Association of Irish Music Societies (AIMS) award for Best Chorus.  No, I will not be sharing that picture here!

In college this year, I’ve been a member of the InfoSoc Committee, and as you can see from the blog post about our table quiz,  it’s been quite enjoyable.

As team players go, I’m a good one!


About Caroline

Librarian. Bibliophile. Information seeker and sharer. “Life would be unbearably dull if we had answers to all our questions.” ― Jim Butcher, Death Masks
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