Artefact 4 – Class presentation

This is the first collaborative piece I’ve included in my artefacts.  The presentation you see here was for a class on Cost of Information and the Open Access debate.  The class was a collaboration between four students in my class – me, Amelie Serries, Sarah Kennedy and Siobhan McGuinness.

We each took separate sections of the project and researched that piece.  Sarah looked at Cost of Information, I looked at ways in which academic libraries can manage budgets, Siobhan and Amelie took the Green versus Gold debate in Open Access and each addressed part of that.

Researching my section of the material was very enjoyable.  I learned a huge amount about Irish libraries and the various joint ventures which are taking place to help reduce costs.  I found several articles by John Cox from NUI, Galway to be very helpful.

Once we had each done our research and prepared our slides we then got together and rehearsed it repeatedly to make sure we had our timing and our delivery right.  It must have paid off because everything went very smoothly on the day.

This was one of several group projects I’ve worked on this year and I was very fortunate that all my teammates were hard-working and dependable.  Everyone had their work completed on time for each deadline set and everyone was very supportive of each other.  I have no doubt that they will all succeed wonderfully in their new career paths.


About Caroline

Librarian. Bibliophile. Information seeker and sharer. “Life would be unbearably dull if we had answers to all our questions.” ― Jim Butcher, Death Masks
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