Artefact reflection 2 – Questionnaire

This reflection focuses on a questionnaire I developed for my Information Professional as Teacher and Collaborator class.

I decided to use SurveyMonkey for this, as I had never created an online survey before and I know from completing other surveys which have been designed with SurveyMonkey that they are very easy to complete as an end-user.  Whether the same would be true as a survey creator I wasn’t sure…

??The purpose of the survey was identify, at a very high level, the social media expertise  of staff of a large organisation who are being made redundant.  It was a fictional programme for which I was able to select the parameters.    In this case the staff were all employed within the organisation for a minimum of 15 years.  Within the organisation, social media was not used and internet access was limited, if not completely restricted.

My intention was to design a simple, easy to complete survey, which could be sent to the staff prior to attending the course, without frightening them as to the course content.  For this reason the survey was limited to 6 questions; 5 related to computer and social media use.  Question 6 related to additional needs which a user might have in using computers.  This was to ensure that the trainer would be aware in advance of any special requirements such as speech amplifiers, screen filters etc.  I kept the survey to one page so that it would not be intimidating for users.

Creation of the survey was very straightforward as SurveyMonkey offers the choice of previously used templates, or to design  your own questionnaire.  I reviewed some of the samples on offer and then designed my own.   After a few previews of the final product, which allowed for changes to format and question order, the questionnaire was finished.   It was easy to do and I would be very happy using this software again to design any other questionnaires in future.

You can see the survey here


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