A quiz about tables?*

Last night the InfoSoc Committee held what we billed as our “first annual SILS table quiz”. While we had previously organised workshops on CVs and Interview Skills, this was the first major fun night we had taken on.

Having attended more than a few table quizzes previously, I have to admit that I never really thought too much about the work that goes into preparing them.  After all, when you show up to participate in a table quiz, you’re thinking about the answers, about getting your drinks, about what the prizes are and yes, there are more than a few people who are thinking about how fast their wifi connect will be so that they can google the answers they don’t know.

Being on the preparation side of the fence is a different experience.  here were weeks of planning, sourcing questions, reviewing videos and photographs, organising food, drinks and prizes and debating whether people would recognise various library images etc.

But finally, the night of the quiz had arrived.  At 6.00pm Katie, Paul, Sarah and I were found in SILS moving tables, setting out bowls of food, setting up the (soft) drinks and getting quiz sheets ready.   By 6.30pm, we were getting a little apprehensive about turnout – ok, Irish people never show up on time, but we had expected that at least some people would be hanging around outside, or inside the room, getting themselves comfy.   By 6.45pm, Paul was busy playing DJ and regaling us with his selections.  Meanwhile Sarah and I kept ourselves entertained with the new Diet Coke ad.  Definitely better than watching Gangnam Style for the umpteenth time!

By 7.15pm everybody had arrived and we were ready to kick off.  Paul was the Quizmaster  and his dulcet Cork tones were in full effect as the night wore on.  He tells us he’s shy but you’d never know it from the way he handled himself out there.   The teams were pretty demure to begin with, but as the rounds wore on, and the bonus prizes were offered, competition began to get fierce.  Sitting at the top table correcting scores was great fun becacse I could see everyone’s reactions – from the absolute blank faces during some of the geography questions to the enthusiastic sprints to the top when the bonus rounds were on.  Possibly having the prize table in the middle of things wasn’t the best idea!

Everything went smoothly until security showed up.  Nothing daunted, Paul ran the last three rounds at breakneck Cork pace and we had the room back to ship-shape in 30 minutes.   Then it was into town to close out the night.

All in all, a fun night.  And who knows?   Maybe next week there’ll be a rumour going around about how some librarians threw a wild party and trashed UCD.  It won’t be true, but when has that ever stopped a good story?

*Sorry, Heather!  Couldn’t resist.


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Librarian. Bibliophile. Information seeker and sharer. “Life would be unbearably dull if we had answers to all our questions.” ― Jim Butcher, Death Masks
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