A little aside…

It’s been a good day in terms of study today. I’ve spent so much time online over the last few weeks that I was beginning to feel a little like I had chosen to do an IT course instead of an MLIS course. I decided to rectify that today and spend the whole time offline and buried in a good book . Admittedly the book in question was JH Bowman’s Essential Cataloguing, but it was actually a very enjoyable read.

I must admit that I’d been floundering in the Cataloguing and Metadata course, wondering when it was all going to “click” and start to make sense. Then I got my paws on Bowman and hey, presto a plain English guide to the basics. It’s clear, it’s concise and it’s well-structured. Add to that the fact that it’s also in a decent size font, well spaced with clear divisions between relevant key sections and it’s a joy of a study book. I wish more college texts were like this.

Right, back to the drawing board. I still have some HTML5 chapters to read.


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Librarian. Bibliophile. Information seeker and sharer. “Life would be unbearably dull if we had answers to all our questions.” ― Jim Butcher, Death Masks
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